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Newgrounds is still here and so am I with my yearly (or bi-yearly) update!

It's crazy how I randomly think "hey, i should get on newgrounds" after several months/ years of it not really crossing my mind.

As I've gotten older over the years, I been caught up with real world issues. I miss being young back in 2006 when i actually had time to think about coming to such a great site.


Well, Ill be back sooner than later!

Love you Newgrounds Community!

2 year absence, Back AGAIN

2016-04-24 20:45:52 by yungswade

I'll be keeping it short and sweet this time.

Joined this site 10 YEARS AGO!

I love you Newgrounds

I'll be back in a year, ...or 2..!


I'm beginning to consider myself a vet on newgrounds. (Going on 8 years since registration) I ask myself... what keeps bringing me back. It could be one of two things. ... Either I'm getting more mature and now realizing the wonders of newgrounds  or I'm getting less mature and can't stay away from sites I use to get on as a kid... Or neither... maybe i just like visiting this place every year or so! I don't know if I'll be back or not.. Probably will in a couple  years, but who reads this anyway? Until next time....

Yet again ...after almost 2 years of absence...

2012-12-27 02:13:28 by yungswade

Something makes me come back... there is something about newgrounds that makes me not stay very long, however, there is also something that makes me come back. After about another 1 year and 9 months of disappearing from this site, i have returned. (only for the moment of course!) Im almost 100% sure after tonight i wont return for atleast another year or so.. maybe more.. anywho. See you then!
(6 1/2 years strong!)

joined NG almost 5 years ago... didnt get on here much AT ALL
came back about a year and a half ago in hopes to stay dedicated but ...FAILED
i guess i will just start doing a yearly update b/c i forget about this site and a year later i jus so happen to be soooo bored that i remember this good ole place.
i probably wont b on here for long this time either
soooooo update in a year or so ...(maybe!)

Long Time....

2009-08-20 21:37:01 by yungswade

joined NG 3 yrs ago..
didnt really get into it... and guess wat.. im back few years later lol
this site hasnt had a dramatical change as far as i can tell
but some things are different
maybe i will stay a tad longer this time ;-)